As advances are made and new technologies are created more and more types of chainsaws are also developed. Furthermore, there are also a lot of types of chains for chainsaws. Since many people are not aware of this, we have made this article to help you know what are the different types of Chainsaw Chains.

If you are wondering why you need to know what makes them so different, you have to also understand that there is a variety of project. Each specific project needs to be handled by a specific type of chain that will guarantee the best outcome when finishing it. However, if you do not use a chainsaw so often, you might not feel so eager to acquire this knowledge but we highly suggest you pay close attention to the information that we are about to provide. It may look so useful to you right now, but we are confident that it will help you in future projects.

On the other hand, if you work with chainsaws on a regular basis, this information will come in handy. Since it is of great importance to know about the difference in types of chains and their functionality. If not, you might be putting yourself at risk by not knowing the limitations and uses of the different chains.

Types of Chainsaw Chains

Full-Chisel Cutters

full chisel chainsaw chain

Square-cornered teeth chains are called Full-Chisel Cutters, and they perform a great job when cutting is the main task. This kind of chain is excellent for cutting limbs or trees since they are designed for hard cutting. However, there is a catch regarding full-chisel- cutters.

That catch translates in terms of durability. Being highly efficient makes it not durable. In fact, it is quite difficult for this type of chains to survive long work hours of rough cutting like dirty woods. It also has a big chance of a kickback raising it dangerous handling. This is due to the fact that this kind of chain does not possess some safety elements that are usually present in most kinds of chains.

So, in conclusion, full-chisel cutters have a great performance when cutting but also a short lifespan. Plus there is the negative side that makes it somewhat dangerous to be handled by inexperienced hands especially if we talk about the tendency to kick back when working with dirty wood.

Semi-Chisel Cutters

semi chisel chain

They call Semi-Chisel Cutter to the kind of chain that has teeth that present rounded corners. This chain is definitely not as fast as the previous one regarding hard-wood works but it has and great advantage. Semi-chisel cutter is designed especially for dealing with soft-woods and hence it can handle all kinds of soft-wood.

Even though it is not as fast, it presents high reliability. In comparison with a full-chisel cutter, this amazing kind of chain has a high durability. It also can handle other things like dirty woods, frozen woods, as well as dry woods. Its great performance makes it very demanded and it’s a pretty good choice because of its utility for almost any task that you set it to work on.

One of its most highly regarded features is the low tendency to kickback; giving it a better sense of safety especially when comparing it with the full-chisel one. So, it means that besides his great reliability, it makes an already dangerous tool such as chainsaws become a safer option. It is quite recommended because of the previously stated factors. The prevention of kickbacks is something that you just can’t turn your eye away from.

Low-Profile Cutters

low profile cutter

Maybe the most common type of chainsaw chain in the market is the low-profile cutter. You can find them in most stores where chainsaws are sold since they tend to be a lot safer than most types of chainsaw chains. It has a low rate of kickbacks because it has been designed with elements between the teeth to enhance its safety which helps the operator to handle the chainsaw in a more confident way.

If you are new to the world of chainsaws, low-profile cutters make a great choice for you. Inexperienced hands can get used to dealing with chainsaws while feeling safer if they choose this kind of chain to begin. However, it is also true that its durability becomes shortened since it needs sharpening more often than most kinds of chains. It still works great if you are just starting to use chainsaws.

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Types of Chain Arrangements

Full-Skip Chain

full skip chain

This is a very efficient chain arrangement for cutting. Basically, a full-kip chain is placed on a larger bar and works on the chain where there are fewer teeth. Fewer teeth are supposed to mean less power but this is not always true. Each of the teeth takes a much bigger chunk out of the wood with a full-skip chain, having a higher speed instead.

This is an amazing option for those people whose projects consists of cutting big quantities of wood from fallen trees or great amount of timber.  Its easiness and speed help each job to be done efficiently. However, it also has a negative side. Since it is made essentially for larger chainsaws, it will not be very helpful with shorter ones.

Another small point against it is that the full-skip chain works well on rough wood, meaning that you should not expect a neat and smooth finish. It still very helpful, though.

Semi-Skip Chain

semi skip chain

This kind of arrangement is pretty much the middle ground in chainsaw chain arrangements. Semi skip-chain, it does not cut through rough wood as quickly as the full-skip chain. That does not mean it won’t finish the job. It will, but just not as easy. It is not to be considered something too special.

Semi-skip chain is usually chosen by experts in chainsaws that use it to performed specific kinds of tasks. It is claimed to be the perfect balance between power and efficiency. The difference towards full-skip chain is that semi-skip chain arrangement’s teeth are closer together. This provides some speed while cutting but not as quickly as the full-skip one.