Electric Chainsaw: Electric chainsaw is the one which has a plug-in power-cord and use electricity to run. As Electric Chainsaws derive their power from an electric source, they do not have engines and hence do not require any fuel to run. Although wired electric chainsaws are considered immobile.It is easy to use if one has a portable generator and eases your tasks such as felling trees in the woods.

Worx WG 322 Chainsaw

Electric Chainsaw

Most of the Gas Chainsaws require a premixed gas-and-oil fuel to operate properly. Electric Chainsaws don’t require this added oil, but the bar and chain need to be properly lubricated. They also need the same kind of maintenance for the bar and chain as gas-powered chainsaws.

Today we shall focus on the type of oil which suits for an electric chainsaw. You will realize and know why an Electric Chainsaw needs oil; and how its durability and quality of service depends on it.

Why to Oil?

Oiling the bar and chain of the Electric Chainsaw ensures that friction is reduced during operation resulting in better cutting performance and reduces the risk of failure. Friction will increase eventually if the oil is not applied to the cutting equipment and thus results in damage to the saw. In the absence of proper oil to the bar, the possibilities of noticing the smoke coming from the bar, if you are using the Chainsaw will be high.

Oils for Electric Chainsaw

Specific oils are to be used for lubrication of the Electric Chainsaw. These oils are manufactured to be safe for the environment. Other oils like, reclaimed motor or vegetable oil, can damage the oiling system of the Chainsaw. The standard oil used to lubricate the bar and chain are completely different to that used when mixing with gas.

The Manufacturer’s Choice!

Many of the chainsaw manufacturers will produce a bar and chain oil for their saws. While this is not essential to use, it may offer the best lubrication and is best for the model of the chainsaw. Other chainsaw manufacturers will recommend a brand or producer of oil to use in their chainsaw. The user manual has all the specifications of oiling the bar and chain. The specific oil recommended by the manufacturer is difficult to find sometimes. In such circumstances, any close alternative good quality general use bar and chain oil can be used.


Chainsaw companies extensively perform many tests to see what lubrication works best and provide the greatest benefits for the particular chainsaw. While some oils might be cheaper or easier to use, it may be costlier in the long run due to engine repairs required after using the wrong oil.


If you use the wrong oil, it can quickly damage your bar and chain and decrease the life of the chainsaw eventually. It can also damage the drive sprocket and clutch assembly. If your tip is smoking or extremely hot, your lubrication is too low. Immediately shut off the engine and check the oiling system.

Steps To Choose the Proper Oil

Below are the steps to be followed while choosing the oil for the bar and chain of the saw.

  • Choose the oil which reduces ‘throw-off’. The oil should hold the bar and chain better, which enhances the performance of the saw
  • As you use the saw at different temperatures, choose an oil which works well over wide a range of temperature. When you are working at very low temperatures, the viscosity of the oil changes and the flow rate is reduced. Opting for a product which can be used for wide temperature variations exist.
  • Also, bear in mind that the oil used must be suitable for the environment. Like, if you are using your saw primarily for pruning you should consider vegetable-based or biodegradable oil. In addition to being friendly to the environment, it also prevents harm to your trees and brushes.

Vegetable-based oils are great also if you are someone worried about carbon footprint and when trying to minimize damage to the trees you are pruning.

What Not To Use:

It is important to avoid motor oil as a way of lubricating your chainsaw’s bar and chain. If we don’t find the particular oil for the chainsaw, we stick to use the available motor or reclaimed vegetable oil. Whatever oil you decide to use, there are a couple of rules you need to follow.

       Rules to Follow:

  • Always ensure that the oil you add is fresh.
  • Never use oil which has been recycled and emptied from your car or boat.
  • Finally, you should only ever add oil to the reservoir when the chainsaw is switched off and not running.
  • Old oil does not reduce friction as well as new oil because the used oil usually has other particles in it that inhibit its ability to act as a proper lubricant. Quite simply, used motor oil has already served its purpose as a lubricant, and it is no longer suited to the role.


The main purpose of using the proper oil for the Electric Chainsaw is to reduce the friction and avoid the risk of any damage or failure. So, that the chainsaw performs better and the chain lasts longer. Hence, any oil that does not help in accomplishing the purpose must not be preferred. On the whole, it is better to use the oil, one which the chainsaw manufacturer has explicitly recommended in the user manual.