Getting a new chainsaw is as complicated as anything else. There are more and more types and models released in the market every day. Most people are not sure of what they are looking for or how they can make the difference among the all the variety there is. Since they present different limitations and capabilities you might feel somewhat frustrated when the time of making the right choice approaches. So how can you make sure that you are choosing the proper chainsaw to stick to your needs? We will help you make your mind in this regard.

First off, when you are looking for purchasing a new chainsaw the most important thing to do is to think of what are the necessities that you need to cover with your new chainsaw. If you have, at least, a clear idea on this matter, you will not have much trouble getting the perfect new partner that you are so eagerly looking for. So let’s think of what you plan to apply your new equipment for. Maybe you just need it to clear your backyard from all those trees that don’t let you create the environment necessary to build or make enough space for another project. Or probably you are thinking on future projects involving your job or profession. These are two very different examples in which you are going to need different kinds of chainsaw. There two main types of chainsaw and we will be discussing them here.

The two main types of chainsaw are Electric Chainsaw and Gas Chainsaw. We will be assessing them, checking what they can do and is the best application for them, as well as their advantages, strengths and weaknesses. This is important information in order to find out which one suits you best. So, let us begin!

electric chainsaw vs gas chainsaw

Which one is More Powerful?

When looking for a proper chainsaw in order to get your work done, the usual question that pops up in our minds in “How powerful is it?” since we normally want a chainsaw that is powerful enough to finish the job and that still has some power left afterwards.

Gas Chainsaw

In short, this kind of chainsaw is the most powerful because it has larger engines and, as its name suggests, it runs on gas. They are the best option if what you are interested in is power! The key words are brute force and these machines have tons of it

Electric Chainsaw

Of course, electric chainsaws are not the most powerful ones, since they run on battery power. This means that their strength capabilities are attached to the power of their batteries. The more powerful the batteries, the more power the chainsaw has.

The Easiest-To-Use Chainsaw

A big amount of people who buy chainsaw are generally not professionals in the field. So, when browsing for a new chainsaw, they always aim to find one that is easy to use. Hence, we will not always use a chainsaw, in fact people who do not work with them professionally only used once in a while and for very specific things. These are the cases when an easy-to-use chainsaw will come in handy.

Gas Chainsaw

Having in mind that we have already the award for the most powerful machine to gas chainsaw, it is quite important to point out that being this powerful means that gas-operated chainsaws need more experienced hands. This is due to the fact that they are meaningfully heavier because of their larger engines; and as they are more powerful as well they tend to have greater kickback which can make the machine jump back onto the operator. This makes them harder to hold, handle, and wield which place us in a very difficult position if we are not well aware of it.

Electric Chainsaw

It is obviously the best option when considering and easy-to-use machine. Electric chainsaws are by far lighter which makes them easier to handle. Furthermore, their kickback is not that strong and they are better suited for less experienced hands and elderly operators. This puts a solid point on the electric chainsaw scoreboard.


The Safest-To-Use Chainsaw

Gas Chainsaw

These powerful machines DO tend to kick back more often than other kinds, not usually, but often. Fewer things are more frightening than a running wild gas-operated chainsaw that has just kicked back at the wrong time. So, they are not fit to be handled by people who specialize in other kinds of jobs.

Electric Chainsaw

Since they are lighter than and not as powerful as gas-operated chainsaws, Electric chainsaw are usually the best option when it comes down to safety. Their easy-to-use feature also means that they are much safer. This is due to the fact that they do not kickback quite as often and when they do, they are easier to steady. So without any doubts we can fairly tie the score by setting it to 2 points each.

The Noisiest Chainsaw

Being the most power chainsaw, the gas-operated ones are usually a lot noisier since their engines are bigger and as result, they are more powerful. On the other hand, we have the electric chainsaws which have less power but are lighter and easier to use. Their electrical components make them a lot quieter than their counterparts. In addition, apart from being less noisy, electric-operated chainsaws do not produce any smoke since they do not work with gas. This is another factor that works in favor of electric chainsaws.


Gas-operated chainsaws are, without any doubt, more expensive than the electrical ones. Sometimes, they even cost twice as much. Plus, they work on gas meaning that they will continue to make you spend a little more every time they run out of fuel.

However, the electric-operated chainsaws are less expensive and normally the cost of the amount of electricity they need to work doesn’t add up to be a big amount of money.