Every single time after a heavy project, you are left with a messy chainsaw. It is usually covered with persistent banks of oil, your chainsaw’s chain gets swamped by a damp of dirt mixed with sawdust. There is always some rest of sap and resin that comes from cutting logs and trees.

For such cases, it is very impotent to learn how to take good care of your chainsaw since not doing so can result in dangerous accidents of disastrous proportions.

Despite the fact that chainsaws are now constructed by using the highest technologies and the most advanced methods that our so sophisticated civilization has to offer in order to make them as safe as they can get, they are still considered to be, by the experts on heavy-work equipment, one of the most dangerous tools to handle.

In order to extend the life of your chainsaw and maintain its efficiency, it is necessary for you to make sure that it’s always clean and in optimal functional condition. It does not matter if your chainsaw is recently bought; you have the responsibility to keep it running smoothly since neglecting its maintenance can lead to future headaches.

One of the worst scenarios is that your chainsaw stops working in the middle of a task. So it is necessary to take your time to clean your chainsaw since it can avoid causing accidents and save your life, plus extend the life of your chainsaw. However, it is important to know the proper way to clean it.

Having the right information on how to properly clean the chainsaw, take care of it, as well as keeping it stored in the right place; will certainly assure you years of life, functioning, efficiency just like any other tool.

If you keep this in mind, your loyal partner will give you several years of good service. So, make sure to carefully process all the information that we will provide for you in this article.

Where to Begin Cleaning Your Chainsaw?

Cleaning the chain

cleaning chainsaw

Considered to be one of the most important steps to take in order to clean your chainsaw, this will help you keep the chain fee from any rest or fragments that might give trouble in the future. By taking care of the chain, you will avoid suffering from accidents and keep the saw working smoothly which means that the chainsaw will not kickback as often, and reduce the possibilities of unexpected jumps. It will reduce the danger when using such difficult tools.

The first thing you need to do is to place your chainsaw in a secured position so that the saw cannot move while you work on it. In addition, it is necessary to point out that if you are working on an electric chainsaw, disconnecting it from its power source is going to greatly help you avoid any accidents involving getting electrocuted or at least getting zapped. 

You first need to remove the chain from the chainsaw in order to clean it. For this, you need to move the knob that normally tightens and loosens the chain slack, and then slide off the chain from its guide slot so it is completely removed. Soak the chain in a mixture of cleaner and water right after you take it off. Let it soak as much as you like, the suggested time is 20 minutes, though.

If you do not have a cleaner solution at hand, a good way to solve this problem is using a mixture of household ammonia and water. A cup of ammonia per every gallon of water will do just fine.

Gently scrub the whole saw with a soft bristle brush after you take the saw out from soaking. Do this until you see that it’s clearly clean. After that, rinse it meticulously with water.  To prevent it from rusting, make sure to immediately dry the saw off completely

We will now proceed to oil the chain. Chainsaws chains and their bars need to be well lubricated in order to work properly. It is lubrication that avoids any friction between the chain and the bar, which reduces the creation of heat and lets the saw cut evenly and spin without any obstruction.

When you finish lubricating the chain, make sure to empty the oil tank of the chainsaw.

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Cleaning the Carburetor of the Chainsaw

chainsaw cleaning

Why is it so important to clean the carburetor? Well, let’s just say that not cleaning the carburetor will result in the obstruction of the fuel flow to the engine which won’t let the engine to get started, as a result. Plus, there is the risk of damaging the saw by not properly cleaning the different components of the engine.

The carburetor is an air-fuel mixing device that is small in provides the engine with vaporized fuel and air. Its principal function is to keep the engine running properly by accurately sending extremely small quantities of fuel mixed with the air that gets in the engine. Make sure that all the nuts, bolts and screws are tight and drain the carburetor first.

After doing this, you will have the carburetor bare before you. Spray cleaner solution through all its cavities making sure no dirt is left in any part of it. Using a brush can damage its components.

Reassembling the Carburetor and the Whole Unit

After cleaning the chainsaw components you are ready to put everything back together. After reassembling make sure to rotate the chainsaw to see that it is working in all possible positions. A wide, ventilated location is the best place for storing the chainsaw. It should be kept in a place where there is no dust and protected from the weather.

By following these instructions you will rest assured that you have given proper maintenance to your chain and hence expanded its lifespan, you have also made sure that it will be ready and completely functional for starting your next project. And finally, the possibilities of accidents have been greatly reduced.