Buying a chainsaw is an extremely useful investment if you have a garden, an orchard or you dedicate yourself professionally to the industrial sector. However, it is not about choosing any chainsaw, you must select the one that best suits your interests, but which chainsaw to buy? For this, we must look at the different chainsaws types, whether they are small chainsaws for domestic use or one of the professional chainsaws for your work as a pro.

What Are Chainsaws?

Chainsaws are tools specially designed to carry out tasks related to the trees falling and the vegetation pruning. Due to their characteristics, these devices greatly facilitate this kind of tasks, as they are high-quality tools, manufactured with resistant materials and with great efficiency.

Likewise, chainsaws are also distinguished by providing an excellent quality/price ratio, so without the need to spend a large amount of money, we can enjoy a chainsaw of first quality, effective for domestic or professional work.

They are composed of a motor that moves a toothed chain placed on a bar or sword. Depending on the engine and the characteristics of the wood that you are going to cut, we will find different types of chainsaws.

As it is a tool with a quite dangerous revolving chain, it’s handling demands of a lot of care besides using the suitable implements and to carry out constant maintenance to avoid accidents.

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How to Choose a Chainsaw?

Chainsaws Types

To learn how to choose a chainsaw, we must know the different types that exist. In general, chainsaws are classified into two groups: depending on their activation or power supply or according to the use to which they are intended.

According to its source of activation or feeding, we find

  • The Electric Chainsaws
  • The Gasoline Chainsaws
  • Battery Chainsaws

The second classification has as a factor the use to which the chainsaws are subjected

  • Professional chainsaws – These are the ones that provide the maximum performance and power
  • Chainsaws for general use – Polyvalent and functional have slightly lower performance than the previous ones
  • Chainsaws for amateurs or domestic use – They are small, light and easy to use chainsaws
  • Chainsaws for arborist and pruning – They have been designed to be used by professional arborists

How to Use a Chainsaw?

Before using your chainsaw, read the user’s manual to understand all the controls and safety features. Always follow the safety recommendations, plus you will need protective clothing: safety helmet, ear protection, eye protection, long pants, work gloves, and steel toe boots.

How to Start the Chainsaw?

To start a chainsaw with a cold engine, place it on flat ground and push the chain brake forward until it clicks. Electric chainsaws are lit with the pull of a trigger, wired models require an appropriate extension cord.

Pull the starter to the ON position, push the decompression valve – if you have one – and press the button approximately 6 times. Hold the front handle with your left hand and put your right foot on the rear handle. Pull the starter handle with your right hand until the saw is triggered.

Push the choke and pull again. When the saw comes on, squeeze the throttle quickly to disengage the idle. To stop the saw, turn off the ignition switch.

How to Make a Cut?

To make a cut with the chainsaw, hold the front handle with your thumb wrapped in your left hand and grasp the back handle with your right hand. Stand in position – separate legs for stability – pull the chain brake back to disengage it and then squeeze the accelerator. The saw works best when the engine is at full speed.

Make the cuts away from the tip of the saw. Cuts made with the top of the tip can cause recoil, which can be dangerous since the chain brake can be operated. If it hooks up, it just pulls back to unlock.

Make all cuts at waist level, never above shoulder height. Avoid cutting too close to the ground where the blade could dig and retract. You can cut down with the saw bottom; this is known as a cut with a pull chain since the chain pulls the saw. You can also cut up with the saw top, known as a cut with a push chain, as the chain pushes towards you.

Next, we will recommend the best models for each type of chainsaw.

Makita EA3200S35A Chainsaw

makita brushless cordless chainsaw

Main Characteristics Explained


With regard to machines like this, the fact that it offers enough power to cut the hardest and most dry woods does not mean they have to be rough and heavy. And it is that with a wide length of the sprat of 35cm, and a weight of only 4.1kg, it is surprising the cutting power and speed at which this chainsaw works.

The Makita EA3200S35A incorporates an ignition system of easy action using assistance spring, so that the actions and put to the point whenever you need it without losing time or energy in complicated ignitions.

Along with all this, this chainsaw incorporates a simple system, which will allow you to change or clean the chain without having to disassemble it at all, thanks to the chain works on an external pinion which is very easy to access. It is also very easy tasks such as replacement or cleaning of the gasoline filter, and general maintenance tasks that can be done with just loosen a screw.

Since it is a fuel-efficient machine, polluting emissions cannot be overlooked. That is why these emissions are controlled by a catalytic filter in the gas exhaust. It must also take into account the efficiency with which the engine uses gasoline, which has been reviewed by a large number of users as a very favorable aspect of these chainsaws.


The chainsaw Makita EA3200S35A presents a design that allows you to manipulate it with ease and comfort, since it has ergonomic handles in two points so that it can be held in a much firmer way, thus being a more versatile, manageable and safe machine.

In addition, it presents a system chain braking, which does not allow it to continue turning when it is not activated, which will help you to prevent accidents and unnecessary injuries.


Those who have used these machines have realized that they have been manufactured to last since they have several systems whose main function is to extend the useful life of the product. One of these systems is the damping by springs made of steel, which in addition to providing extra stability to the machine, will absorb potential impacts and will not be damaged when coming into contact with gasoline or oil.

To make matters worse, these chainsaws have an oil tank made of aluminum, which will ensure to be very resistant and durable, so that the machine does not suffer damage shortly after being acquired.

Advantage Disadvantage
The Makita EA3200S35A chainsaws are very comfortable to work with, since they offer you an ideal power for the most arduous projects, in reduced weight and with a design that allows you to hold it in two points for better balance and control, and so you can use it during much longer sessions. Some users say that the only disadvantage that they see this product is that it does not show its maximum potential as soon as it is turned on, but that the demand must be increased little by little until it reaches a good temperature. However, this is a feature that has any machine that works by a combustion engine, and once the machine heats present an excellent performance.

Verdict: 9.2 / 10

This machine has earned the respect of many users who claim that it has an excellent performance, which is very easy and safe to handle, and that can be purchased at a very reasonable price. Below, the main features that these chainsaws have to offer.

Bosch AKE 35 Chainsaw

Bosch AKE 35 chainsaw

Main Characteristics Explained


One of the fundamental characteristics of the Bosch AKE35 is its power of 1,800 kW that makes it an effective chainsaw for domestic use both for the care of the garden or wooded areas near your home. If we add this data to other characteristics such as its SDS system, the qualities of its chain and its 35 cm blade, it is very favored in the chainsaw comparisons of this price. But that the fact of considering domestic use does not deceive you, the Bosch AKE35 is prepared to face tasks of a certain difficulty, which with the speed of the chain of 9 m / s a good cutting performance is achieved. If you are looking for a chainsaw that is easy to use, that has an accessible price that is manageable and with good power, consider this model.


Your garden care, as well as of small extensions of land in which trunks and branches must be cut, needs a chainsaw like this one. This model is equipped with a system called Quick Stop, it is a holding brake that will provide safety and precision. With it, you can stop the chain in just 0.1 seconds.

It also has an automatic lubrication system for the chainsaw, by integrating an oil tank with a capacity of 200 ml that saves you labor by not having to manually lubricate the chainsaw in addition to keeping the saw in optimum condition. The chainsaw operation does not differ much between one brand and another, but if you must consider other functions related to the safety and precision of cutting.


Despite being a chainsaw for basically domestic use, the robustness of its structure guarantees its durability and its power of action even in difficult tasks. Its design has been ergonomically designed not only to be easily transported but also to be able to make cuts both vertically and horizontally.


When a tool of this type is used, it is highly valued that it is light. With just 4 kilograms of weight, using it for long periods of time will not be heavy.

Advantage Disadvantage
When an electric saw is used, it is highly valued that it is light, since it makes its use much easier because it is easier to transport and use for a certain time. It is a product with very good ratings if perhaps a few customers report that the chain tends to loosen, but this is easily remedied, even without tools thanks to its SDS system.

Verdict: 9.6 / 10

It is a very light chainsaw, but not for that little power. In fact, it stands out for its power and it’s SDS system that makes changing the chain and adjusting it really easy. It is an ideal chainsaw for domestic use, backed by one of the most traditional brands in the market: Bosch.

Timberpro CS-5800 Chainsaw

TIMBERPRO 62cc 20" Petrol Chainsaw

Main Characteristics Explained

  • Design and Power

It is a chainsaw that has a very attractive design, because its structure is made of durable materials and high quality, is perfect for use in heavy work, requiring the strength of a powerful team.

The power of this model is 2600 watts, this being one of the best features of this chainsaw, allowing you to make cuts of both small and weak trunks, even the thickest and sturdiest, so when it comes to powerful equipment this machine is an of the most competitive chainsaws in today’s market.

It comes in very attractive orange color and also has measures of 50 x 30 x 40 centimeters, which translates into the right size for this equipment type, used to perform cutting work, carpentry and more.

  • Operation and Tank

The Timberpro CS-5800 includes a manual completely in Spanish, which will make its use much easier, once you read the manual of use, and determine how this equipment is used correctly, this to avoid any type of accident, since that this equipment must be handled with great care.

It is a machine that runs completely on gasoline and has a capacity of 550 milliliters in its tank, which is more than enough to use the equipment during a long cutting day.

On the other hand, has a lateral tensioner, which ensures that your chain is well adjusted, every time you go to make use of this chainsaw, also has an automatic lubrication system, which gives you great performance and performance, in the handling of this device.

  • Accessories

As we mentioned before, it is a chainsaw that has a lubricated system, therefore it integrates a series of accessories, among which are: two extra chains, in case you need to replace one, and a case to store your sword, which you can combine for a more efficient use of the equipment, it also includes an oil for the lubrication of the equipment, which can be added to its oil tank, which has a capacity of 260 milliliters, developing its expulsion automatically.

In addition, this machine has a set of tools, which you can use in combination with the chainsaw use, for more optimal performance.

Advantage Disadvantage
The most outstanding advantage and commented by the users who have obtained this chainsaw is that it has a great power, counting with 2600 watts of power, giving you great efficiency at the time of making any type of activity related to the carpentry. This equipment has a weight of 5.4 kilograms, without the bar and the chain, which could cause fatigue for those who want to work long hours using the chainsaw, so it is recommended to take time intervals to rest, while it’s used.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

It is a chainsaw that offers great power, in addition to including accessories, guaranteeing you a product with excellent performance in cutting logs, and much more, all this in a modern and innovative model.

Dolmar PS-6100 Chainsaw

Dolmar PS-6100 chainsaw

Dolmar PS-6100 chainsaw

Main Characteristics Explained


With a weight of 4.1 kg, this chainsaw model offers a firm and ergonomic grip that will allow us to hold and manipulate it in the way that we feel comfortable. All this contributes to the work we do is done efficiently while thinking about our satisfaction and comfort.

It has dimensions of 41 x 27 x 28 cm is a product that is made of stainless steel materials that ensure greater durability to the work we are going to do. It is a machine that allows easy handling, following all safety regulations to avoid damage.

Switched On

Its ignition is carried out by just pushing its Touch & Stop engine ignition lever. In addition, thanks to the Easy Start Spring technology, it will be possible to overcome the compressive strength as well as the electronic management of your optimized motor. The Dolmar PS-6100 Chainsaw engine power is 1.8CV so that an efficient work is achieved, although it will be necessary to make certain breaks to not exceed its operation.

It provides the automatic maintenance facility since its chain is greased independently after being turned on without the need to pass a rag over its chain and hurt us in the attempt. It emits a sound level of 111.5 decibels every time its operation is started.


It has a blade length of 40cm that will allow specific cuts to be made in short time periods, as long as they are small trunks. It has a displacement of 32cm³ that will make your cut as desired as long as it is done following the usage guidelines. It has a distance of links that go from 76.2 to 8 mm, which is equivalent to 3 to 8 inches.

It has a capacity in its oil tank of 0.28 liters and the emission in its vibration is 4.8m / s2. It has large holes for correct filling so that oil and fuel will not be irrigated on the outside. It has large easy-open covers to add the fluids needed for it to work, they also close properly.

Advantage Disadvantage
Do an efficient job in the cut that you want to do. Its power linked to its materials as well as its start-up joins to make this product a quality chainsaw. Being a functional product, there is no specific feature of the product that makes it good, but in its entirety it is. It does not allow to make cuts to trees or great lengths trunks because it is not destined for it. The chainsaw then fulfills a functional job to the extent of its possibilities; to force it would cause its subsequent damage and disable it since it would exceed the limit functions it has.

Verdict: 9/10

It is a product that fulfills its purpose and fulfills the expectations of those who acquire it. It has resistant materials that guarantee expected durability, in addition to fully complying with the specific operation, which is why it is decided to make your purchase. It is ideal for cutting small trunks to make firewood and combat the winter season.

Einhell BG-PC 4040 Chainsaw

Einhell BG-PC chainsaw

Main Characteristics Explained

  • Operation and Structure

This chainsaw is a machine with an excellent performance that will allow you to develop DIY work, among which you can cut wood, wood and in the same way you can work cutting and pruning what you want since it allows the cutting of quite resistant wood.

It has a structure made of high-quality materials, its chain and sword feature OREGON quality, which is known for providing optimal results, allowing cuts to be much more precise and fine.

It has a high-performance WALBRO carburetor, which guarantees that this device offers cutting alternatives with great power, being able to obtain very clean finishes.

You will not have any problem with the equipment durability since it is constructed with materials of first enough resistance, in any case, it is recommended in the same way to make adequate use of the equipment.

  • Safety and Lubrication

Many users looking for devices for DIY work need equipment that offers security when working since not all chainsaws have security mechanisms that ensure consumer welfare, well, with this chainsaw you will not have that problem.

This innovative Einhell BG-PC 4040 chainsaw has a chain in its structure which includes a brake that runs immediately once you have put some pressure on one of the handles by which the chainsaw is handled, also has a mechanism that prevents the chain it leaves its origin and therefore causes accidents while this device is operated.

This way you will avoid unwanted accidents, such as cuts or any other damage that may occur while handling this machine.

  • Anti-Vibration and Lubrication

Being a state of the art electric device, this chainsaw has a crankshaft included in its structure in a strategic way, which makes the vibrations of the motor almost nil.

On the other hand, its anti-vibration system will allow you to work with peace of mind and comfort, since it avoids sudden movements of the equipment when it is being operated, even when this device is available during long working hours.

As for the equipment lubrication, this is done automatically, so the chain and the sword will always be lubricated properly to work with this equipment.

The design of this chainsaw is quite modern and comes in black and blue colors also weigh 5.35 kg, which could be tiring if used for a long time.

Advantage Disadvantage
The best thing about this chainsaw is that it has an anti-vibration system and also has shock absorbers in its structure to avoid sudden equipment movements, which can result in accidents and therefore work more comfortably. Part of the consumers who have had the opportunity to obtain this chainsaw, comment that the first start of the device can become a bit difficult to execute, but once it is achieved, it works perfectly on future occasions.

Verdict: 9.4 / 10

It is a chainsaw that offers safety to the user thanks to a brake system and an anti-vibration system, also has a lubrication mechanism for better performance.

Is It Worth Buying A Used Chainsaw?

Many people ask us if it is worth buying a used chainsaw: of course, it is. Be careful, do not confuse a used chainsaw with a used one. As a rule, used chainsaws are tools that are sold at a lower price than usual due to various reasons, either because it is the last one or because it is part of a special promotion. On the other hand, second-hand chainsaws are those that have been previously used and that their owner puts on sale. In this case, we do not recommend buying this kind of chainsaws because they are usually worn out by using, so it is not convenient that we invest in them, especially taking into account that the difference in price between secondhand chainsaws and occasionally it is minimal, hence it is more profitable to opt for these chainsaws.

What Chainsaw Do I Need? Buy Chainsaws Tips

Follow the shopping tips is essential to learn how to choose a chainsaw. And there are several aspects that we have to consider before making a decision.

Weight – If you have little or no experience operating chainsaws, it is best to choose a light chainsaw, since they are easier to handle. Also, if you are a professional and you are going to use it continuously, you should also consider this factor when choosing a chainsaw.

Power – As we have explained in the comparative section, depending on the work you are going to do, you will need more or less power.

Electric or Gasoline Chainsaws? What Is Better? – Everything depends on the use that you are going to give. If you are going to be pruning for days with your chainsaw, buy gasoline so you have more autonomy. On the contrary, if you want to buy a chainsaw for gardening, the electric will be more comfortable.

Sword Length – About the sword length, if you have experienced it is more appropriate to have two different sizes that you can change depending on the type of task you are going to perform and the thickness of the material. Keep in mind that a shorter sword will weigh less and be easier to handle, being more suitable for pruning, while a larger sword is more useful for cutting down trees.

Comfort – The fact that it is a comfortable chainsaw with an ergonomic handle and a good balance will be of great help.

Safety – Check that the chainsaw complies with the established safety regulations and that it has additional mechanisms to reduce the risk of injuries, such as chain brake or recoil protection, among others.

Maintenance – As we have mentioned, there are some chainsaws that incorporate systems to facilitate maintenance, which is a factor to be taken into account.

Brand – As we all know, buying a chainsaw from a recognized brand may mean that we have to pay more for it, but it does have some advantages such as access to spare parts and spare parts and the guarantee of a reputable firm.

Anti-Vibration System – With the aim that you can use your chainsaw in a more comfortable way, choose a chainsaw that incorporates an anti-vibration system.

Warranty – When buying chainsaws we must always make sure that they have a guarantee because they are mechanical devices that can suffer from manufacturing problems.

Price – The price is another factor that you should consider, valuing the benefits with which the chainsaw and your budget count.

Chainsaws Prices

The chainsaws prices are diverse because they vary depending on the type of use to which they are intended, their power, sword length, accessories, and manufacturer brand. That is, we can find cheap chainsaw models for a price lower than $100, while we can also find professional chainsaw equipment that easily exceeds $200.

That is why it is so important to compare the different models to choose a chainsaw that meets efficiently with the use that we want to give but that has an affordable price. For example, if you are only going to use it occasionally, it is not worth it to pay more by acquiring a professional chainsaw, rather it is best to select a used chainsaw for a reasonable price but that has all the functions you need.

Where Can I Buy Chainsaw Spare Parts?

If what you need is a spare for your chainsaws, you can buy them online at Amazon, where there is a wide range of different parts and spare chainsaws parts sold by the manufacturers themselves, so you will not have any compatibility problems.

Should We Pay Attention To Opinions About Chainsaws When Choosing One?

The opinions on chainsaws that you will find in the different online stores, can help you get an idea of what you can expect from that particular chainsaw model. However, it is unlikely that you can find out which chainsaws are the best through these opinions since they are totally subjective and based on ratings according to the type of use they give to the chainsaw. For example, if someone buys a small chainsaw when what they really wanted was a professional chainsaw, they will be disappointed and write a bad comment about that model. With this what we want to say is that there are no better or worse chainsaws, but chainsaws that adapt more to one use or another, so for your purchase to be satisfactory you must first have clear what your needs are and then compare the different models of chainsaws until you find the right one for you.

Do You Already Know Which Chainsaws Are The Best For You?

Surely with this guide, you already have clear what you should buy. Never forget that cheap is expensive or simply why to buy a professional chainsaw if you only prune your garden.

To finish, as a summary, remember these basic guidelines when purchasing your products, with that you will go to the fixed and you will not have problems to get items online.

Never forget that:

  • It must be purchased from a reputable supplier.
  • That offers a real and extensive guarantee for the product.
  • Do not handle intermediaries.
  • The process of shopping on the web is very simple.
  • The page has all the security protocols to make the purchase.
  • Have technical support or customer service online.
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