Best Electric Chainsaw 2020: If you are a person fond of gardening, or you like doing domestic chores of wood or firewood; an electric chainsaw is the best tool you can count on. They are connected to the electrical network through a cable, without special devices. They are the ideal machines for work at home, in the workshop or in the garden.

An electric chainsaw has several advantages over its battery or fuel congeners. They are practical and comfortable machines since they vibrate less and the noise level is lower. They do not require the use of fuel. They are easier to start and the engine does not need maintenance. In addition, they are environmentally friendly tools, you will not have to worry about emissions of gases and smoke.

If you are thinking of buying an electric chainsaw, pay attention to the aspects that you must take into account before making your investment. First of all, you must be clear about the use you are going to give it. Remember that an electric chainsaw cannot be used to fell trees in a forest. Its use is limited to an outlet. Check power and weight well. The motor power of an electric chainsaw oscillates from 700W to 2600W and the weight depends on the model and the work performed.

Balance is important when choosing this powerful machine. Make sure you feel comfortable holding it and that the chainsaw has a good balance. You must know the risks involved in handling an electric chainsaw, and take precautions to avoid any type of accident, which is why it is advisable to use the personal protective equipment.

The market offers a wide variety of brands and models of electric chainsaws, if you are doing your comparison, we invite you to discover the characteristics of the following chainsaws. The idea is that you invest in a high-quality product, with support from well-known brands, which fits your needs and does not affect your budget.

Best Electric Chainsaw 2020 – Top Electric Chainsaw Reviews

Product Name Check on Amazon
 Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw
 Makita UC4030A chainsaw
 Greenworks 14-Inch 9-Amp Corded Chainsaw
Bosch AKE 40 S chainsaw
 Black & Decker LCS1240 Chainsaw
 WEN 4017 Chainsaw
 Dewalt DCCS620B Chainsaw
WORX WG 322 chainsaw
WORX WG 305.1 chainsaw
 Zombi electric chainsaw ZCS12017

General Information about Electric Saws

What Does A Power Saw Mean Or What Is It Used For?

It is a vital tool for housework, as we mentioned earlier. It is composed of a sharp blade with teeth that will be responsible for cutting wood or any other material, depending on the force that we apply. The saws, in general, can be handled by hand, water or electricity. The sharp blade is what determines what kind of saw it is.

The sharp and jagged blade is what will make the difference and will tell what the saw is for. That’s why we’ll explain some teeth so you do not have problems when shopping.


  • North American: It is the one we use to get a wood free of sawdust. It comes with three teeth, two finished and one showing a curve and is the one that achieves the clean result of sawdust.
  • Universal: This is the most common, and consists of three complete teeth, although one in the direction to the right and one to the left.
  • Japanese: It is the sheet with the smallest size, therefore, it is much simpler to use and its result will be evolutionary.

Wood Saws

These three toothed blades types are for the saw that is responsible for cutting wood. If we talk about metals, which is where the electric chainsaw comes in, they used to be made of carbon steel.

However, that material caused many losses, since it broke very fast. They evolved over time, and changed to the tempered leaf with back, then with teeth and then a flexible one, to prevent it from breaking and they did not achieve it.

That’s why they kept trying, until they achieved what, today, we know as HSS. HSS is a fast and high-speed steel material. Thus they avoided the brittleness of the previous components and the results were better.

For more precise precisions, separations and cuts the electric chainsaws will become our best allies. It is a little complicated to acquire an electric chainsaw since there are different types depending on your blade or the material that they cut.

ChainSaws can cut wood, metals, concrete and many more.

Your final purchase decision will be defined by what you want to cut, some of them are.

  • Chainsaw: It is used to cut trees, it is also called the band saw.
  • A chainsaw.
  • The endless saws.
  • The reciprocating saws.
  • Oscillating saws.
  • The saber saw.

What Are The Different Types Of?

  • To set: It is suitable for the home. It can be used to cut different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, ceramics, methacrylate, among others. You have the opportunity to give you a curved or straight cut with movements from top to bottom.
  • Circular: To use this saw, you must be a little more expert than with the previous one, since it also works for cutting wood, plastic, and even aluminum. Although, with this saw, you can make more professional cuts.
  • Tandem: To achieve excellence and speed, this is the best option. It contains a very powerful motor and leaves and you can cut wood, concrete, plastic, among others.
  • Of marquetry: This is of big size is the one that is placed in a fixed position and the material moves to obtain the cut. It is for professionals or experts.
  • Electric Chainsaw: This is very useful at home, you can brush, deoxidize, file and more with it. Cut wood, plastic, and metal. In most houses, he will say present and is very helpful for DIY.

Why Buy An Electric ChainSaw?

  • They give you the speed to make cuts and details, which with a manual tool would be very difficult to obtain.
  • The electric chainsaw allows you to cut objects that are almost impossible to cut, their serrated blades will be the most powerful.
  • You can cut nails, wood, plastic, metal and so on, with just one tool.
  • It gives you the strength you always wanted to have.
  • You can finish the works of the house yourself.

Electric Chainsaw Characteristics

These machines make work a lot easier, even if you do not have any experience with them. Basically, its functionality is based on:

  • Power supply by a cable.
  • Does not require special devices for the outlet.
  • Can be connected to an electric generator.
  • Variable power, from 700 W to 2600 W.
  • Generally, they do not weigh more than 6 kg with sword and chain.
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Easy handling in small and medium-sized jobs.
  • You can connect to the appropriate outlet anywhere, including using an extension to get a little further in the garden of the house.
  • Some models of electric chainsaw have a cable up to 30 meters in length.
  • Its repair and cleaning are simple.
  • The cable for the outlet does not allow you to have a long range or much freedom of movement.
  • Its power is restricted because it has to adapt to the available voltage.

Alternative to the Electric Chainsaw

There are also rechargeable lithium-ion battery saws, whose general advantages are:

  • Special for simple and temporary jobs.
  • It does not require an electrical cable connection for its operation, which allows you to carry it as far as you want.
  • Ideal to transport it anywhere.
  • Lightweight, about 3 kg.
  • You can make cuts in the wood up to 25 cm in diameter.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is economical compared to electric chainsaws

Its few disadvantages would be:

  • The recharge of the battery must be at least 8 hours before use.
  • It is convenient to have a spare battery for your short work capacity.
  • Backup batteries are expensive.
  • It only adjusts to light work due to its limited power.

What Should I Look For In An Electric Chainsaw?

If you’re excited about pruning everything in your path, you should know in detail the electric chainsaws:

  • The chainsaw size.
  • The kind of work you will do with her, small or large.
  • How often you will use it.
  • The types of saw that exist.
  • The machine weight.
  • Engine power.
  • Manual or automatic lubrication.
  • The noise level it produces.
  • If you want ergonomics for comfort.
  • What security systems do you have.

Which Electric Chainsaw Should I Choose?

There are as many models as brands in the market. The above list will have opened your eyes as to what you are looking for in an electric chainsaw. Now, once in the online store or business premises, start to see and detail calmly the different models to decide which one suits your preferences, needs, and budget.

Best Electric Chainsaw Brands


The German brand Bosch has several quality models. In the Amazon online store, you will not only find the model presented in this comparison, but also other interesting models of the Bosch brand.

Black Decker

The American brand has some very interesting models. Although this brand is very popular all over the world, in Spain it has not yet reached the same popularity.


Although Einhell does not have the same popularity as Bosch or Black and Decker, Einhell can convince with good quality tools. The electric chainsaws are not of the highest quality, however, this brand has a much better reputation in terms of electric drills.


This brand concentrates its efforts primarily on the production of circular saws. They also sell some models of classic chainsaws


Casals is another brand that has a large selection of screwdrivers and mainly focuses on other products. However, we have included it in this comparison because it has many jigsaws. Silverline and Casals are not recognized brands yet.

Offers and Prices

You can get a cheap chainsaw, this is imperative to do a deep search of the market. Apart from a purchase by Amazon, you can find other pages that sell chainsaws such as eBay. Of course, it is also possible to get an offer or a very low price in large stores such as LeroyMerlin, Brico Depot, Carrefour or other hardware stores. And the famous list goes on. Of course, renowned brands attract more attention, but they will not be economical. Do not get carried away just by the name of the product, analyze with a cool head, to choose wisely what really suits you.

So, you want to cut sticks, roses, bushes, the branches of the neighbor or a whole forest, take into account that the electric chainsaw has its strengths and weaknesses. If you are determined, buy it and show your wood as a gardener.

Next, we will give you to know 10 of the best electric chainsaws.

Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

The Greenworks chainsaw is about 30 cm wide for easy, fast and efficient work. Lithium battery with a voltage of 24V with a duration of charge of 4 hours. You can make up to 75 cuts with a single load.

The tool weighs about 5 kilograms, manufactured and released on the market only green. This electric saw includes the battery and the charger, which is highly recommended for gardening work. Although there is also a version of the chainsaw that does not include the battery, nor the charger.

The safety of Greenworks Tools is important for those who buy it, that’s why it comes with a safety switch as well, preventing accidental starting of the tool. In addition, its starter system is innovative, because you do not have to pull an agreement to start it, but simply pressing a button will turn it on.

Handy with one hand since it weighs little and is used mostly to cut small and medium pieces. There are cheaper models, however, the Greenworks Tools is obtained at a good price, little less than the quality offered by the product.

1.75 is the measurement of the cable of this tool and lubrication of it automatically. The oil deposit is included with level indicator.

The Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw has a rating of 4.6 / 5 in the Amazon online store. The Greenworks Tools brand is not the best known in the market, however, it provides an excellent experience for those who buy it and it is a great option to enter the world of chainsaws.

This electric chainsaw makes virtually no noise, it is not comparable to a gasoline chainsaw. The tool meets all expectations. It is elaborated to make cuts of not very hard woods such as pine. It is quite practical and easy to use.

Although it lasts longer charging the battery than it takes to make its function, the Greenworks Tools performs all the precise cuts that the person wants to make, with an approximate time of 45 minutes. However, when making large cuts the battery time usually varies between 30 to 35 minutes, preferably it is used for simple and quick jobs and cut small pieces. However, taking all these factors into account, the price-quality ratio is still very good.

Pros Cons
  • This machine is very silent, which makes it ideal for its use and performance.
  • It has a safety switch that does not allow the accidental ignition of the tool.
  • It is comfortable and easy to use
  • The battery takes a long time to charge and little to use, however, it lasts up to 45 minutes.
  • The relation of the price with respect to the quality is very feasible, converting it into an ideal chainsaw.

Makita UC4030A – electric chainsaw

Makita UC4030A - electric chainsaw

This electrical chainsaw of the Makita brand already has a higher price. If the purchase really is worth it let’s see below.

Most carpenters even most people when it comes to buying a chainsaw, do not place confidence in those who are electric. Currently, those who manufacture these tools create lightweight machines being light for its handling and with automatic safety.

Within that group of tools is the Makita UC4030A with the characteristics not exactly sought by those who look for a chainsaw. However, this machine fulfills the expectations when used and to notice the quality of it.

Professional Use or Domestic Use?

This tool is for domestic use, light for a garden. Easy handling with a weight of 4.3 kilograms. It comes in two colors, blue and black.

The chain length is 30 cm and uses a power of about 1,800W with a chain speed of about 13.3 meters per second. The Makita UC4030A chainsaw does not include batteries.

The Makita UC4030A chain tension is adjusted without the need of tools taking into account that the safety of the chain brake is automatic. The electric chainsaw brand is guaranteed to be of quality for those who buy it.

It has a large oil tank, with a window allowing the operator to check the oil level and an integrated limiter to protect and help the engine by reducing power when the saw is being overloaded. The motor is located laterally.

It is also characterized by its low noise and light vibrations and high power, making it the best option for those who place confidence in electric saws.

A wide range of tools is on the market, without a doubt the Makita UC4030A is one of the most sought-after and purchased with a 6-month warranty.

Pros Cons
  • It is ideal for domestic use thanks to its simplicity and manageability.
  • The oil tank is large enough to keep the chain lubricated for a long period.
  • The chainsaw does not come with the included battery.

If you need an electric saw for the garden itself and you have a little more money to spend, this model will meet all your expectations. For professional use, we do not recommend it.

Greenworks 14-Inch 9-Amp Corded Chainsaw

Greenworks 14-Inch 9-Amp Corded Chainsaw

The company Greenworks has a wide range of woodworking products and the chainsaws are some of the best they can offer. They have wired and even wireless presentations. This company has been dedicated to optimizing the chainsaws making them more comfortable and easier to handle.

The Greenworks 14-Inch 9-Amp Corded Chainsaw is a guaranteed product that will allow you to make cuts in a simple and practical way. This model is one of the simplest. It is fully electric and works through a cable extension with a plug.

It has a 9 amps motor that allows operating the 14 inches bar, allowing cuts to trunks up to 35 cm. In addition, the chain has automatic tensioners that allow you to resume the cuts without long breaks between each cut, as the chain adjusts automatically.

The maneuverability of this chainsaw is very comfortable, it can even be used with just one hand. Its handle allows the grip to be very enveloping allowing the cuts to be made comfortably, in addition, it has an upper grip to use both hands and make cuts to stronger woods or make more precise cuts.

The Greenworks 14-Inch 9-Amp Corded Chainsaw also has an Auto-Oiler system, which allows lubrication to be performed automatically. You just have to keep the 0.1 L tank full of oil so that she can maintain herself. In this way, the chainsaw always stays lubricated allowing a large number of cuts to be made quickly.

This chainsaw is very light compared to other chainsaws, its weight of only 4 kg makes it one of the smallest, it is thanks to this that it can be maneuvered with only one hand, however, it is recommended to always use both hands to avoid accidents and make the cuts correctly.

Pros Cons
  • The Greenworks 14-Inch 9-Amp Corded Chainsaw is a small and lightweight chainsaw easy to use. It also allows cuts of up to 35 cm.
  • The ventilation system does not allow the chainsaw to overheat, that way you can make more cuts on a single use.
  • Like other electrical equipment, they are very quiet, compared to other gas or gasoline equipment that is usually very noisy.
  • This electric chainsaw has no current limits since it works while it is plugged into a power source.
  • Maybe your system does not allow you to generate much power, so it can only be used for small cuts.
  • The cable can be annoying at times, as it could become entangled and bring problems or accidents.

In general, the Greenworks 14-Inch 9-Amp Corded Chainsaw is the ideal chainsaw to start doing small pruning and gardening jobs. Its price is quite accessible and simple jobs can be done quickly and efficiently. This could be the ideal chainsaw for those who do homework and gardening at home.

Bosch AKE 40 S Chainsaw

Bosch AKE 40 S Chainsaw

Here is another option that we offer in this listing is the Bosch AKE 40 S chainsaw. This equipment works with a power of 1,800 watts, so it is really powerful and will allow you to carry out the felling of trees and woodcuts very easily. It has a weight of just 4 kilograms, which makes it much lighter than other models of the market; this will greatly facilitate your handling. In addition, thanks to its robust and safe design you can use it with great security for any type of work.

Its sword length has a 35 centimeters, the reason why the users consider that it is a quite competent equipment. Likewise, its chain is capable of reaching a speed of 9 m / s so that this equipment allows you to perform both domestic and basic professional jobs.

It has a fully ergonomic handle that will cede to cut vertically and horizontally without any problem and its integrated 200 milliliters oil tank allows complete work before requiring a recharge. And if at any time you have problems with tensioners, the Bosch AKE 40S saw has an SDS system that will give you the possibility to change or tighten the chain very easily and quickly.

Pros Cons
  • Power: this model offers a power of 1800 watts so you can make all kinds of cuts in a comfortable and simple way.
  • Speed: the product is capable of achieving a speed of up to 9 meters per second, so you can make all kinds of cuts without problems.
  • Tensioning system: The SDS system incorporated in the product allows you to tension or change the chain easier than in conventional models.
  • Power supply: the electric motor of this model avoids the problems of smoke, heat and another discomfort typical of gasoline models.
  • Electric cable: the power cord of the chainsaw has a somewhat scarce measurement, so surely you need an extension cord to work comfortably.
  • Sword and use: the sword of the product has a measurement of 35 centimeters, which can limit in part the ability to use the product.

Black & Decker LCS1240 Chainsaw

Black & Decker LCS1240 Chainsaw

Another option on our list is an electric chainsaw of a well-known brand that has surprised its users by the high performance. We refer to the Black & Decker LCS1240 Chainsaw that with 1900w of power offers a torque motor with a fast cutting rate. It is capable of cutting a 30 cm trunk in 6.5 seconds.

It has sturdy steel gears that improve durability. Its system of tensioning and adjustment of the chain is very simple and is equipped with a bar of 35cm for the largest cutting tasks. The advanced braking system is able to stop the chain in less than 0.15 seconds.

The Black & Decker LCS1240 has an integrated automatic lubrication system that lubricates the chain to reduce wear and provide a more efficient cut. Likewise, for a controlled cut, it has a bumper with steel spikes that improves stability.

The front and rear handles are textured for greater grip and control during use. This electric chainsaw has dimensions of 50.6 x 29.2 x 22.4 cm and weighs 5 Kg, so it is very comfortable to carry from one place to another.

Pros Cons
  • Power: one of the most powerful models in the market, able to reach the 1900 watts of performance and cutting capacity.
  • Visual lubrication control: the oil reservoir is transparent, which makes it much easier to control its level at a glance.
  • Safety brake: in case of problems it takes barely 0.1 seconds to stop the chain and its progress.
  • Handles: the side handle system next to the convention makes it much easier to work with the product.
  • Weight: the model increases the weight to 5.3 kilos, something more than what these products normally weigh.
  • Noise: this chainsaw has a noise level of 105 decibels, higher than would normally result in other products.

WEN 4017 Electric chainsaw, 16″

WEN 4017 Electric chainsaw, 16"

Electric chainsaws have been surpassing gasoline saws in several ways. In gasoline chainsaws, you have to be always aware of not spilling gas, be aware if it is over and they are usually quite noisy. However, WEN also joined the revolution of electric chainsaws and now it brings us this model to surprise.

The WEN 4017 Chainsaw has a 16-inch band and an engine that provides more than 12 amps of power to make various cuts in a single pass. With this chainsaw, you can cut any branch, trunk or lawn that is in front of you without any inconvenience.

OREGON gave this model this band capable of cutting logs up to 40 cm with a motor capable of working with speeds of 44 feet per second. Like most electric chainsaws you just have to plug it in, verify that the oil level is correct and start cutting the branches and trunks you want.

The WEN 4017 is a very light chainsaw, only weighs 5 kilograms, which makes it ideal to work comfortably and can even work with one hand, although it is not recommended. This equipment provides a torque of 2.2 Nm making it cut everything that goes through it. In addition, the 4017 also comes with an automatic lubrication system that allows the guide bar and chain to be lubricated, so that the useful life of the blade and the saw itself is lengthened.

The chain of the chainsaw can be tensioned without the use of tools, simply use the chain tensioning system without tools to keep the blades adjusted or if necessary unscrew it and make the necessary change.

The WEN chainsaw is like most electric chainsaws that are very quiet and also quite safe for the environment. Its powerful 12A engine does not make much noise, doing the opposite of its powers: the gas chainsaws.

Pros Cons
  • Power: one of the most powerful models in the market, able to reach the 1900 watts of performance and cutting capacity.
  • Visual lubrication control: the oil reservoir is transparent, which makes it much easier to control its level at a glance.
  • Safety brake: in case of problems it takes barely 0.1 seconds to stop the chain and its progress.
  • Handles: the side handle system next to the convention makes it much easier to work with the product.
  • The WEN 4017 allows for larger cuts than other electric chainsaws.
  • It has the self-lubrication system that lengthens the proper functioning and the useful life of the tool.
  • It has a relatively lightweight for its operation and its great power.
  • It has two years of warranty.
  • Like others, the cable can be annoying at times.
  • The adjustment of the band and the chain must be done manually.
  • It does not come with the lubricating oil included.

In summary, we can say that the WEN 4017 is a practical chainsaw for gardening and maybe small jobs on a larger scale. However, we must take precautions to avoid making mistakes and avoid damaging the tool, but it is definitely a good tool for the home and also its price is quite affordable.

DEWALT DCCS620B 20V Chainsaw


Dewalt has been a pioneer and example in tools of different sizes for many years, it has been adjusted to the needs of each person manufacturing equipment for the home, industries and general uses. Today we present the chainsaw Dewalt DCCS620B, a very attractive chainsaw and not only for its characteristic yellow color of Dewalt but also for its characteristics and performance of work.

The Dewalt chainsaw has a Low Kick Back with a 12-inch bar and OREGON chain that allow it to be used in constructions and outdoor cuts. This beautiful chainsaw has a fairly rustic appearance that makes it a real wood cutting machine.

The bar can be adjusted manually thanks to a knob that applies a clamping force that allows keeping the bar and the chain adjusted. In addition the weight of this chainsaw is a little more than 4 kilograms, however, this is not an impediment to carry out rough carpentry work. Its high-efficiency motor maximizes the operating time and the life of the motor.

This chainsaw can be used without wires thanks to its 20V battery that gives it the power to make more than 100 cuts continuously. It is designed to handle difficult jobs and outdoor jobs. You can cut wooden beams, roughing openings, perform demolition work and more. Thanks to its weight, it is easier to be controlled by the user and the technology of brushless motor offers a time of autonomy and a life of the extreme motor.

Pros Cons
  • The Dewalt DCCS620B weight makes it perfect for maneuvering and making precise cuts.
  • Thanks to its 20V MAX lithium battery avoids the hassle of getting tangled with the cable.
  • The brushless motor guarantees high efficiency and maximizes the operating time and the life of the motor.
  • The battery charging time may not be enough.
  • Its price is a little high compared to other chainsaws, including Dewalt.

In summary, the chainsaw DCCS620B is a great tool that can be sure to last for a long time, also allows you to do gardening and general carpentry work, as well as medium-scale work quickly and avoiding annoying cables. The Dewalt chainsaw can be a tool that cannot miss at home.

Worx WG 322 Chainsaw

Worx WG 322 Chainsaw

The WORX WG 322 chainsaw is one of the most powerful chainsaws on the market and meets most of the needs of its users. This electric chainsaw is quite compact, weighs only about 3.5 kg and uses a 20V battery designed for light work such as pruning trees and chopping wood.

With this chainsaw, you will not have problems to operate thanks to your battery powered motor. This is one of the electric chainsaws that are joining the implementation of lithium batteries and thus avoid stumbling with the cables.

Like the modern electric chainsaws, it has the automatic chain tension system, although it also has a knob that allows manual adjustment, or if necessary, to replace the chain. It also has the automatic chain lubrication system with an indicator. It also has an indicator for charging the battery. The WORX WG 322 comes with the 20V battery and charger included.

The bar and chain of the WG 322 are 10 inches, allowing you to make cuts of up to 25 cm. With this ability you can make cuts in gardens and more open spaces, pruning trees or improve and expand your carpentry work.

This WORX is a tool that cannot be missing in your tool room. If you have not yet bought a chainsaw you can choose this one, as it has good characteristics, excellent performance, affordable price and also has a 3-year warranty.

Pros Cons
  • The WORX WG 322 works with a 20V lithium battery avoiding cables.
  • It has the automatic band adjustment system allowing the cuts are always accurate.
  • Its weight and design make it a compact and comfortable chainsaw easy to use.
  • WG 322 Battery life may not be enough for large jobs.

Therefore, we can say that the WG 322 is an extremely affordable chainsaw and also an excellent rival for all its competitors. Its characteristics make it stand out among many electric chainsaws, and even many have listed it as one of the best electric chainsaws. Its automatic lubrication system allows the chain to be lubricated even when in operation, the oil disperses evenly along the chain automatically. If it stays lubricated, the cuts will be made more smoothly and will prevent the machine from overheating. Without a doubt, an excellent electric chainsaw.

WORX WG 305.1 Chainsaw

WORX WG 305.1 Chainsaw

Worx continues to show that it has a potential for electric chainsaws, and although this may not be its best model, it is one of the most economical and practical. This is an electric chainsaw with a 14-inch bar with automatic tension. This system helps prolong the life of the chain and the bar.

Thanks to its 8 amp motor driven by the current through the cable, it allows making continuous cuts in a precise way for a prolonged time. Like other electric chainsaws, the WORX WG 305.1 chainsaw has a 4-ounce oil tank for automatic chain lubrication. The 8 amp motor allows the chain to move to 3/8 inches.

The 305.1 has an approximate weight of 4 kg, being another one of the light and silent electric chainsaws. The bar cannot be replaced, its size will always be the same, and therefore it must be taken into account when replacing the chain so that it is the correct size.

With this chainsaw you can perform simple gardening jobs in a quiet way, its weight and design make it very manageable, it also has a comfortable rubber handle that allows a better grip and ensures the stability of the machine allowing precise cuts.

Pros Cons
  • The WORX WG 305.1 has a low maintenance system and chain auto tension.
  • The self-lubrication system allows keeping the chain and the bar always lubricated for better cuts.
  • Its weight and design make it very comfortable.
  • It has the limitation of the cable, it must remain plugged in while it is working.
  • The bar cannot be replaced by a larger one, it is unique for 14 inches.

Taking into account each one of these characteristics, we can conclude that the WORX WG 305.1 chainsaw is a basic chainsaw for simple gardening tasks and small cuts to make at home. With it you can also prune trees, shrubs and cut small branches, can also be used by almost all members of the family and its price is quite affordable, so if you are looking for something simple that meets basic needs, the WG 305.1 is ideal for it.

Zombie ZCS12017 Chainsaw

Zombie ZCS12017 Chainsaw

The Zombie equipment is not very recognized worldwide, however, this chainsaw has been leaving to talk on different websites and has been making a note for a couple of years. We are talking about Zombi electric chainsaw ZCS12017 that has a 16-inch bar and chain capable of making cuts up to 40 cm thick driven by a 13-amp motor that must be connected to a source of 120V

ZCS12017 has OREGON bar and chain to make cuts accurately without any problem. With this electric chainsaw, you can cut large trees and perform difficult work. The Zombie also has a safety lock button and the front hand guard to provide complete security when doing any type of work.

Like most electric chainsaws, the Zombie has the tool-less chain adjustment system, so you will not need tools to keep your chain tight and you also have the automatic lubrication system to keep the optimal bar and chain to perform the cuts.

This electric chainsaw could be considered one of the best electric chainsaws if it were not for its weight. The ZCS12017 has a weight of approximately 6 kilograms which makes it relatively heavy compared to other electric chainsaws that are lighter. However, the weight of the Zombie is compensated by the ability to perform heavier work.

Pros Cons
  • Zombie ZCS12017 allows making large works of arborist or tree felling.
  • The price is accessible in relation to the capacity of work that can be done.
  • The cable can limit jobs or hinder them.

In summary, the Zombi ZCS12017 is an excellent chainsaw with which you can do a lot of work, from pruning the shrubs of your garden to cutting trees or doing lumberjack jobs. However, you must see what your need is and be sure that this is the electric chainsaw you need, but you would certainly be acquiring a good product.

What Is The Best Electric Chainsaw?

Buying the best one is not as complicated as it seems. In fact, we are going to share a series of recommendations so that you really know what you should look for when choosing the ideal model for you. All this and more you can find in the affordable models that we present in our usual comparative list.

First, you have to see the size and shape of the machine, as there are standard or traditional, telescopic or jaw.

The traditional ones are comfortable, easy to operate and very capable but they can have quite a vibration. Telescopes allow you to reach greater heights, while those of the jaw is designed to cut light objects or cut wood.

Then you have to choose whether it has cable or if it is wireless. As you might expect, battery models usually do not have much capacity between loads and, in general, have less power. The cable is more powerful but has the disadvantage that you will need a good extension to use it comfortably.

Here are 10 best electric chainsaws you can get, we leave some of its features and functionalities. It is important to know well the need we have to buy a chainsaw and adjust it to that. Another factor that must be taken into account is the price so that our budget cannot be adjusted and keep us really covering what we need and at the right price. It is also important to recognize that many of the electric chainsaws presented here have many similarities, however, it is not necessary to investigate a little more and know other brands and/or models that meet our needs 100%.

Finally, we recommend that you look for ant vibration functions, as well as silent machines. It is also good to come with automatic lubrication since it facilitates maintenance and extends its useful life. In addition, it is advisable to also look for those who work with batteries, because that way you can have better access to trees or branches and make more precise cuts, but in short, an electric chainsaw is a new sensation that you will not want to touch again a gas or gasoline chainsaw. This equipment can change your life forever.

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