Best Chainsaw Helmets 2020: Safety is a very important aspect when it comes to all kinds of activities. Whether it is for construction, work at a home, office job. They all require proper protection and precautionary measures. People who take extra safety measures have fewer chances of getting hurt, injured, and less prone to accidents.  As we all know, the head, especially the brain, is one of the most important parts of the body that needs superb attention when it comes to safety at work. That is why it is very crucial to do heavy works without safeguarding our heads. One way to protect it is to use safety hats or safety helmet.

What is a safety helmet?

Hard hats or safety helmet are used to guard the head against any flying objects, debris, collision impacts, shock, and other hazards. A safety helmet is one of the most resilient types of protective equipment and saves a lot of people from any untoward incident. Aside from the head, a safety helmet is designed also to protect other parts of the body such as the eyes and the neck. A safety helmet should pass the criteria set by American National Standard for Personal Protection – ANSI Z89.1. A safety helmet is composed of mainly two parts. One is the shell and the other one is the suspension. In order to have proper protection, these two must be in a good working condition. The shell of the helmet is made of a fabricated material that can resist any impact and can absorb shock, preventing the head to reach it.

Importance of Wearing a Safety Helmet

It is important to wear a safety helmet correctly for it to serve its purpose and reduce the chances of unwanted injuries. Most accidents, especially concerning the head, can be drastically avoided when safety helmets are used. Most construction sites provide safety protocols such as wearing of safety helmets at all times to prevent any debris that might fall on the head.

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Husqvarna Pro Fest Helmet 577764601
TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet
The Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet 
Stihl Woodcutter Safety Helmet
ERB 14371 Chain Saw Safety Kit
Oregon 563474 Helmet
Stens Protective Chain Saw Helmet
Chainsaw Protective Safety Helmet
Petzl Pro Vertex Helmet
VonHaus 4 in 1 Safety Helmet

Benefits of Wearing Safety Helmet

  • Prevents Head Injuries

All safety helmets are specifically designed to protect the head from any falling object. It also guards the eyes and neck against any bumps, negative impacts, and electrical exposures. The wearing of safety helmets is a strict requirement that must be followed especially for those who work in a construction site.

  • Identification through stickers and colors

Most safety helmets vary in colors that have a specific purpose. For example, a different set of colors are worn by workers and another set of colors are worn by their supervisors. These color variation can help easily identify roles of persons involved especially those who are working some large scale projects.

  • Increase Productivity

When people use safety helmets, they are confident enough to work and do their tasks. Since wearing a safety helmet protects them from any harm, people tend to feel less stress and exhausted. Thus increasing work productivity and minimize the risk of unwanted incidents.

  • Protection from excessive sweat and discomfort

People who work especially on outdoors tend to perspire more often. When a safety helmet is used, it reduces the heat coming from direct sunlight thus preventing the worker from sweating and reduces the discomfort that may affect performance when doing a task. A ventilated helmet can relieve the user from heating as cool air may flow through ventilation holes found in the helmet.

  • Avoid disability or death

Not wearing helmets have been reported to cause major disabilities and even death in some cases.  That is why it is highly required to wear one in order to avoid any high impact and injuries not only in the head but as well in many parts of the body.

Using a Chainsaw Helmet

Whether you are constructing your house, your garage, work in the forest, or any other that needs cutting, a chainsaw is always necessary. Chainsaw is one the many equipments being used when cutting is involved. This includes activities such as cutting trees, trimming of bushes, or even cutting branches in your own backyard. A chainsaw is a very delicate machine and a very dangerous one. People who use this without the proper protection and safety equipment can experience serious injuries. Equipment like chainsaw requires protective shield such as a safety and durable helmet. A safety helmet designed for chainsaw can protect you from any debris that might fly when you are working and prevents from strong impact.

When it comes to safety, you have to be very careful in choosing the best equipment that can guard you against any harm. The common yet important thing to consider is the durability of the helmet and how it fits your head so you can work comfortably and be able to produce a good output. Chainsaw helmets are often designed for a specific purpose.

Things to Consider When Buying Chainsaw Helmet

Choosing a safety helmet must be a careful process. You should pay attention to all the features and reviews so you can identify which one will suit you best. Before buying one, here are some things you should consider:

  • Compliance with Safety Standards

All safety helmets in the market are guided by a standard safety regulation. An excellent helmet abides by all the requirements for safety. There are helmets that actually have been up for testing, including its components and parts. These safety standards are available for European and United States users. The most common standards are from CE and ANSI. Make sure that your helmets comply with either of these two in order to have the needed protection and safety

  • Type of Work

Before buying any chainsaw helmet, it is very basic to know first what type of work you will be engaging with. Check if the type of work you will undertake requires professional chainsaw helmet or just a regular and standard one. If you are going to do some general home activities, then regular helmets can suffice your need. But if you are going to a forestry related work such as chain sawing, cutting, trimming, and mowing, then it would require a more professional and heavy duty chainsaw helmet that can provide you full protection and safety when working. Understanding the type of job can lead you to the right choice of helmet.

  • Type of Helmet

There are many types of helmets on the market that can suit your preferred activity. Before buying a chainsaw helmet, you should know first which one you will be needing. Is it a ratchet helmet, a hard helmet, ventilated helmet, or helmet with a torch?

  • Fit and Comfort

Another important feature you should be looking for a chainsaw helmet is its fit. Make sure to buy a helmet that does not slip off quickly. There are safety helmets which are adjustable. It is important that you are comfortable when wearing a helmet so it does not affect your working performance. There must be exact pressure in your head in order to provide comfort. A lightweight helmet is also good and is recommended by most users. Lightweight helmets can give you such comfort and more time when working since the weight does not pull you down and affect your performance.

  • Durability

In order to maximize the use of your helmet, it is then recommended to choose the product that is made with quality and durable materials. Sturdy components and parts do not break easily. Helmets with strong built can guard you against strong impacts and shock. It can also last a long time.

  • Breathability

When doing chores and some chainsawing, you should also consider ventilation systems of the helmet. Make sure that it has ventilation holes so the air inside you can ventilate well. This feature can make you more comfortable since it allows the air to enter the helmet and cools down your head.

  • Color

Color might not be the first thing you look into for a helmet but the color variation of the product can also contribute to your safety in some way. The color of the helmet is important when it comes to visibility. A yellow or orange colored helmet lets you become visible and easily identified especially when lighting is low especially when working in the forest.   

  • Maintenance

Different types of helmet require different types of maintenance. Regular helmet only requires wiping of visors to remove debris. Professional helmets like the ones used in forestry will include a more specific and meticulous type of cleaning. There are parts that need to be removed for washing. Some of its components may be replaced if they are broken. A professional chainsaw helmet must be stored in a place with the best condition for it to be preserved.

  • Budget

If you are on a tight budget, remember to not keep the quality compromised. Safety is something you need to invest with. If you are looking for a heavy duty helmet but with a limited budget, it is recommended to save some money first to be able to purchase a quality and durable one. If not, then take extra precautions when you buy a standard one. With such competition in the market, there are many manufacturers that offer cheaper price yet reliable helmets. It is important to read some reviewed first before buying.

Where to Buy?

Chainsaw safety helmets are getting in demand nowadays. Since then, chainsaw helmets can be purchased easily from a hardware store and online stores. Buying this product from a physical store makes you see the actual product. You can try to fit in in your head and feel the actual comfort of it when using. However, when you want to get great deals and additional grabs for free, an online store is a good choice. Some online stores like Amazon offer the same product with the hardware store. Only that, when you choose to buy online, you can see actual reviews of people who have purchased it already. It can help you a lot to see some reviews and testimonies from purchases. It might also help you choose one can fit your helmet needs. Buying online also saves you much time going to physical stores since it can be delivered to your doorstep for a minimal amount or even free.

Top 10 Best Chainsaw Helmet

To get you started, we have come up with some of the tops of the line chainsaw helmets with their features that will ensure your safety when working:

Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet 577764601

Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet 577764601

The Husqvarna is a popular company that is known for manufacturing durable and quality safety equipment. And one of which they boast most is their Husqvarna 577764601 Pro Forest Helmet. This product comes with some extra features that are worth investing for. Here are some of the amazing features of Husqvarna Pro Forest 577764601 series:

UV Protection

When working under the sun, safety helmet absorbs all the sunlight. This can cause damage and weakening of the shelter of the helmet in the long run. Discoloration of the helmet is also possible. Gladly, the Husqvarna Pro Fest Helmet comes with UP protection feature that will be able to extend the durability of your safety helmet. Some may not consider this but is also important.

Face Guard

Every helmet uses different materials for face covering. With Husqvarna, they use quality mesh face made of steel that will protect the face from any falling debris. The good thing about this feature is that it does not use plastic materials as a face mask. In this way, fog will not accumulate in the mask. You will not be needing any cloth to wipe and clear your vision.

Safety Standard Compliant

This Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet series complies with the required safety standard set for safety helmets. It is rated with ANSI Z89.1-2003 Class G, E, and C.

Other Features

This helmet ensures ear and hearing protection up to 25dB. Any impact or shock can be prevented when using this kind of chainsaw helmet. This product also comes with rain neck protector, especially when working during rainy days. It protects rainwater from getting into your body. Lastly, Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet has a bright color which is strategically designed for users to become visible especially in dark and less light environments.

Pros Cons
  • Fits most all sizes
  • It has dual face protection
  • Helmet is comfortable to wear
  • Highly visible
  • Comes with rain neck protector
  • Cuts loud noise
  • It is not easy to assemble
  • Visor pops off sometimes

TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet

TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet

Another brand that assures quality and full safety when working with a chainsaw is the TR Industrial Forestry Helmet. This product can protect you not only within the part of your head but as well as your shoulder for a maximized shield and safety. The best thing about TR Industrial helmet is that is relatively cheaper in the market. It only costs around $75 and that is a well worthy price for a full protective equipment for both forestry or homeowner workers. Aside from its affordable price, it does not forget to bring comfort to users. It is adjustable and very sturdy which makes it an excellent choice for a safety helmet. The helmet can be adjusted from 20 inches circumferential up to 24.5 inches. This is great when you need to share your helmet to others with different head sizes. This helmet is also lightweight. This can help users work for a longer period of time since the weight of the helmet does not necessarily affect them. Aside from chainsawing, the TR Industrial Helmet can also be used when trimming or brushing or any other activity that involves tools for forestry. This TR Industrial Helmet is also compliant with safety standard regulations such as CE and ANSI. It is rated with z89.1-2003 ANSI.

Notable features of TR Industrial Helmet:


Helmets usually have two types when it comes to visors: plastic and mesh. And TR Industrial helmet has two interchangeable visors. When you prefer plastic visors, it guarantees full protection in the face. However, there might be fogging up that covers your vision, especially during cold or rainy days. The mesh visor also has its own advantages. When you choose a mesh visor, there is no fogging up but there is a chance that particle may be visible.


Doing work using chainsaw can create such a loud noise and may damage your hearing. The good thing about TR Industrial helmets is that it comes with some removable and adjustable earmuffs that will protect not only your head but your ears too. Now that’s is the type of protection you need!

Pros Cons
  • Its visors are lightweight
  • It can fit most users
  • Safety standard compliant
  • Comes with protective earmuffs
  • Affordable in the market
  • 5-in-1 helmet
  • Comes with visors
  • Dial knob can adjust up to 20-24.5 inches (circumferential)
  • The package does not have an instructional manual
  • Earmuff comes off easily
  • Some parts break easily

Husqvarna Pro Forest Chainsaw Helmet

Husqvarna Pro Forest Chainsaw Helmet

Husqvarna has been associated with quality products for many years. The best example of this is their safety helmet series of Pro Forest with a chainsaw. Their products are commendable for quality construction materials and safety features that can really last a long time. Their products might be more experience than others as it ranges from $50-$100. Expensive can this be, the price of their equipment can literally give you the most value for your money. The Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet includes a UV Protection system that protects the eyes and head from Ultraviolet rays that may cause heat to reach you. The face screen of this helmet ensures that no debris will fly inside the helmet. It also protects the users from getting water during rainy days. A neck protector is included in the package. It functions by getting rid of the water from the areas on your neck. Husqvarna is a reliable choice and greatly tops other brands when it comes to chainsaw safety helmets. It has an ANSI Z89.1-2003 Class C, E, and G which makes Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet has been tested and proved to be a trusted choice for safety and protection.

Husqvarna Pro Forest features:


This series of Husqvarna helmet is well designed in order to fit with mostly anyone. It can be adjusted to perfectly fit regardless of the size of the head. It has a ratchet system that adjusts the helmet’s measure so it can be worn comfortably and it is very easy to modify its adjustment.


Using a chainsaw can be a dangerous act. Therefore, you need to consider your visibility when working so you will not be a cause of any injuries or accidents. The Husqvarna Pro Forest helmet has an orange color that can stand out. If worn, you can be easily seen and no unsafe incident may happen to you or near you.


Its metal mesh visors ensure flying debris from getting into your face. It has a double layer protection that comes with a face screen.


The Husqvarna Pro Forest Helmet also has a 6-point suspension that can be adjusted to function well. This system absorbs all shock that may come from above. It comes with a hearing and ear protection that absorbs the level of noise up to 25dB.

Pros Cons
  • Highly visible
  • Can fit most head size
  • It has face screen
  • Best for rainy days and wet weather
  • With UV Protection
  • 6-point suspension
  • Comfortable when worn
  • Compliant with Safety Standards
  • With proper protection for the face
  • No protection from bees
  • Face shield is sometimes loose
  • Sawdust can be hard to remove
  • Frontal impact, not OSHA rated
  • Not suitable for very small or large heads

Stihl Woodcutter Safety Helmet

Stihl is probably one of the most influential brands in the market today. Stihl has a wide range of products and equipment including safety chainsaw helmets. Stihl Woodcutter Safety Helmet features a full face protection and hearing protection. Some brands may sell this separately. But with Stihl Woodcutter helmet, you can have two parts in one in just one product. The Stihl Woodcutter helmet is a lightweight safety helmet and is a good choice if you want a budget-friendly gear. This helmet is designed to give utmost comfort when worn. It has a good ventilation system that provides cool air when working. It also has six-point suspension for excellent support. The Stihl Woodcutter helmet has Class G certification and NRR 22 certification for hearing protection.


Since chainsaw is a heavy equipment, you will need a safety helmet that will not contribute to the weight of the chainsaw. That is one of the many features Stilhl Woodcutter offers. This chainsaw helmet is very light. It helps you work more productively since the helmet does not contribute to the overall weight of the work considering the chainsaw machine along can be a heavy one. Even with a lightweight, the Stihl Woodcutter helmet does not comprise full protection from falling debris.


Stihl Woodcutter has a built-in ventilation system in its helmet. This feature helps the user especially when hard sawing produces an amount of sweat in the head. This ventilation system can reduce the greenhouse that is produced in the top of the head. Stihl Woodcutter can provide much comfort even you are wearing a helmet.

Pros Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent protection on visors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Parts are easy to replace
  • Protection from weed-eaters
  • Heavy
  • Some parts are easy to break
  • Cannot wipe your face easily since visors need to be lifted up

ERB 14371 Chain Saw Safety Kit

erb 14371 chainsaw safety kit

The ERB 14731 Chainsaw Helmet assures protection from any harm, especially when operating a chainsaw. It has a trusted Mega Ratchet System for adjustment which means any users can surely fit this. This helmet complies with the Type 1 class C, E, and G safety standard. This feature is very important when operating a chainsaw. This product also has a steel mesh face protector that can guard you against any flying debris.

This model is filled with epoxy that can resist any corrosion and glare. Attached is a visor carrier which a durable locking system that can hold the visor in three different lock positions. Included in the package is a set of earmuffs that shields you from hard noises It meets the ANSI S3.19 standards. You will not worry about any noise when you plug these sound shields in your ears. This particular helmet also comes with anti-fog goggles and its lenses are made of Polycarbonate and vinyl frames that can securely fit. Its chin straps are constructed from the quality elastic. These straps give you comfortable control of the helmet.

Pros Cons
  • Fits most sizes
  • Compliant with safety standards
  • Rugged design
  • Reliable face and ear protection
  • Reasonable price
  • Made with quality materials
  • Reasonable Comfortable
  • Hard to assemble
  • It is expensive.
  • Not recommended for long-term use
  • Ventilation hole is minimal
  • Some have issues with the earmuff
  • Not recommended for long-term use
  • Adjustability issues on the harness

Oregon 563474 Helmet

Oregon 563474 Helmet

The Oregon 563474 Helmet provides protection from all possible angles. It can protect you from any harm from the side, above, and hearing.  This product comes with six ventilation holes that make you breathe comfortably when working especially when in a hot condition. It can resist strong impacts. This product comes with six points for adjustment harness. It is very easy to adjust so it can exactly for you.  Its mesh visors are made of stainless quality steel which gives wider protection on the face from, any debris. The mesh can be moved upward anytime you want a clear vision of the area you are working on. It has an adjustable earmuff that protects your hearing. These earmuffs reduce the noise to a 22dB ratio. This type can make you work comfortably. Another excellent feature of this Oregon helmet is that it is lightweight. It only weighs 2.2 pounds which means you can work comfortably and it does not weigh you down, even more, considering that a chainsaw machine itself is very heavy. This helmet is recommended for those who are planning to work in several hours. It also complies with several safety standards such as ANSI z89.1-2009 Type C, E, G and I. This makes the helmet of the most recommended chainsaw helmet on the market today.

Pros Cons
  • Easy to use
  • Breathable
  • Light compared to other models
  • High Quality
  • Full protection
  • Noise reduction earmuffs
  • Durable stainless steel visors
  • Many ventilation holes for breathing
  • Earmuffs can easily break
  • Poor instructions for assembly
  • Not reasonable price
  • Low protection for noise
  • Earmuffs are not adjustable
  • Not “fits all size”
  • Limited options for visors

Stens Protective Chain Saw Helmet

Stens Protective Chain Saw Helmet

Stens protective chainsaw helmet is one of the most affordable yet quality choices when it comes to head protection for operating a chainsaw. It meets safety standards and it comes with different safety features that are similarly offered by other expensive brands.

The Stens Protective helmet comes with earmuffs that comply with the ANSI for hearing protection. This helmet guarantees to protect your ears from a high-level noise that can damage your hearing and cause hearing loss. The Stens helmet also has a ratchet adjustment system that can alter the size so it can perfectly fit any size of the head.

Pros Cons
  • Ratchet adjustment
  • Ear protectors attached
  • Earmuffs ANSI compliant
  • Does not come with a chin strap

Chainsaw Protective Safety Helmet

Chainsaw Protective Safety Helmet

The Chainsaw Protective Safety Helmet is a lightweight helmet that you can easily carry wherever you want to work. Its face visor is built with nylon sheet that helps protect your face from any debris when cutting woods or any object. It comes in various sizes and most of them fit all. The Chainsaw Protective Safety Helmet has a bright orange color that can be easily seen when working. Most professional workers choose this type of helmet because of its plenty of safety features.

This safety helmet only weighs 2.2. pounds, making it one of the most in-demand chainsaw helmet in the market for those who are seeking lighter ones. Its ratchet adjustment system allows the users to operate the size so it can fit perfectly to any size of the head. This product also comes with earmuffs to protect the ears and hearing and nylon face visor to protect the face when operating a chainsaw. The best thing about this safety helmet is that is it compliant to ANSI S12.42 NRR29 safety standards. It is also cheaper compared to other models with the same features.

  • Pros Cons
    • The helmet is lightweight
    • It complies with safety standard requirement
    • Affordable price
    • Bright orange color for visibility
    • Protective earmuffs
    • Ratchet Adjustment
    • 2.2 pounds
    • Can fit any head size
    • Some parts can easily break

Petzl Pro Vertex Helmet

Petzl Pro Vertex Helmet

Petzl is a popular brand when it comes to climbing equipment. They produce quality products and equipment that extends to safety helmets. They are famous for their innovation and comfort with their products including chainsaw helmets. The Petzl Pro Vertex chainsaw helmet comes with a 4 point chins strap that is within the safety standards of EN12491 compliance. It has a Vertex Vent which is designed for workers to have an excellent ventilation system. This product also has thicker sweatband that can fit both on smaller head sizes and large head sizes. It has color variation up to six options you can choose from.

One of the best features of Petzl Pro Vertex Helmet is its adjustable ventilation holes on both sides. It has the ability to open and close its ventilation. This is suitable for changing weathers. With this helmet, you don’t have to worry about overheating when working. It also allows you to close the ventilation when it is rainy or when cold weather comes. Another excellent feature or Petzl is the Sordin chipper muffs. It has a good rating on SNR31. Its muffs are great for protecting the ears. It guards not only the noise coming from the chippers but as well as the noise coming from the chainsaw itself considering that operating chainsaws produces heavy and loud sounds that may damage your hearing.  These muffs are very strong and can easily be used even when you have cold hands or numb hands. The Petzl Pro Vertex has a strong mesh visor for the face. This visor does not create scratches and prevent fog from clouding up. Its large face visor can protect almost all parts of your face, preventing any debris from falling behind and lessens the chance of irritation.

Pros Cons
  • Can mount headlamp in the front
  • Vibrant color
  • Flexible to use
  • Ear protection
  • Sizes are small
  • Very expensive

VonHaus 4 in 1 Safety Helmet

The VonHaus 4 in 1 safety helmet has a four in one function system. This helmet provides you will maximum protection you need for your chainsawing activity.  This package comes with a hard hat, hearing protection, visor, and a neck cape that protects you during rainy weather. And the best part is it only costs around $50 or less which is not a bad deal at all.

This VonHaus Safety helmet is equipped with six-point adjustable headband what will keep the helmet from slipping off which might others find very annoying especially when working. The VonHaus hard hat is adjustable so you can easily modify the size that will fit perfectly in your head. The VonHaus visor includes a hinge that lets you lift your visors anytime you want in order to make a clearer vision of your work. The neck cape shields the body from unwanted elements entering around the neckline or clothing. This helmet weighs 2.43 pounds. This VonHaus 4-in-1 safety helmet is best for both professional workers and homeowners. With its affordable price, it can provide full protection while working with heavy duty tools not only with a chainsaw but as well as hedge cutter, strimmer, and lawn mowers. This helmet is also compliant with various safety standards such as EN352-3 for Plastic Helmet and adjustable headband. It also has EZ-8B Certification for Ear Protection that guards your ears and hearing from loud noises up to 25dB and EN 1731 Certification for Mesh Visors. The VonHaus 4-in-one safety helmet is a good deal for its price.

Pros Cons
  • 4 in 1 safety helmet
  • Resist impact
  • Adjustable ratchet
  • Cushioned cups
  • Removable muffs
  • Interchangeable visors
  • Ideal for construction and forestry
  • Lightweight
  • The shield is made of plastic
  • Chin strap has no release


Using a chainsaw without a face guard and safety helmet can get you through a serious injury and accident. When it comes to your safety, you should never comprise. Selecting the best chainsaw helmet might not be an easy option. You need to consider all aspects and features of the product before coming up with a choice. This would include compliance to safety standards on its different features such as hearing protection and face protection. Other features like ventilation, comfort, color, and fit must also be considered. If you have budget constraints, there are many options from different manufacturers that offer wide choices of cheap chainsaw helmets but with great quality and features. Always remember to not invest in chainsaw helmets that are of low quality. There are many product reviews in some articles that can help you assess a certain helmet and give you an idea of what to expect. Always check and look for the best one that can provide you full protection and safety and can help you deliver your wants and needs.

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